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Dangers dans le ciel title card.

TV Series (Season 3 - 2005)
Also known as:
Mayday / Air Disasters (Québec)
Air Emergency (USA)
Air Crash Investigation(s) (English title)


Each episode of 52 minutes includes two parts. The first one tells the chronology of a flight, with aviation experts and eyewitnesses, usually from the boarding until the drama. In the second part, the enquiry is told until its conclusions and the consequences on industry and airline companies are exposed.

Episode One : Mistaken Identity (Iran Air Flight 655)

Airbus A300B2-203

Representing Iran Air Flight 655, EP-IBU. But this livery was adopted in 1995, seven years after the event. It must be another Airbus in the fleet.

Airbus A300B2-203 of Iran Air.
Airbus A300B2-203 of Iran Air.

Grumman F-14A Tomcat

First, a CGI in the background of the Airbus taxiing.

DDLC S3E1 F-14 CGI CIMG5849.jpg

Then an archive footage of an iranian Tomcat with the paint scheme used at that time.

Grumman F-14A Tomcat.

Lockheed WP-3 Orion

Archive shot of the weather variant (only used by the USA) despite it was an Iranian standart P-3C which was involved in the incident.

Lockheed WP-3 Orion.
Lockheed WP-3 Orion.

McDonnell Douglas F-4 C Phantom II

Firing an AMG-65 from a McDonnell Douglas F-4 C Phantom II

McDonnell Douglas F-4 C Phantom II.

Sikorsky SH-60 Seahwak


Episode Two

Dedicated to a sea drama.

Episode Three

Dedicated to a railroad drama.

Episode Four : Fight for Your Life

(Federal Express Flight 705 yet to be analysed)

Episode Five

(not yet analysed)

Episode Six

(not yet analysed)

Episode Seven : Kid in the Cockpit (Aeroflot Flight 593)

Airbus A310-203

Airbus A310-203 of KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines.

Boeing 767-38A/ER

Boeing 767-38A/ER of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines.

Airbus A310-308/ET

CGI used for reconstitution scenes.

Airbus A310-300

Airbus A310-300.

Airbus A320

Desk model just behind the Airbus A310 one.

Airbus A320.

Antonov An-124 Ruslan

Desk model on the left (and the smallest on the right is a Boeing 747-400 with a Red Flag !).

Antonov An-124 Ruslan.

Tupolev Tu-95

DDLC-S3E7 Tu95 poster.jpg

Boeing 707-359B

CGI of an Avianca airplane (probably HK-2016 subject of S2E6).

Boeing 707-359B of Avianca.

Boeing 747-436

Boeing 747-436 of British Airways.

Mil Mi-17

Mil Mi-17.

Tupolev Tu-134A

Tupolev Tu-134A of Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

Tupolev Tu-154B-2

Tupolev Tu-154B-2 of Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

Tupolev Tu-154M

Tupolev Tu-154M of Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

Fokker 100

Fokker 100.

Various Aircraft

Including a Boeing 757-23APF of DHL and a landing Boeing 747-48EM of Asiana Cargo.

Boeing 757-23APF of DHL Aviation and landing Boeing 747-48EM of Asiana Cargo.

Episode Eight

(not yet analysed)

Episode Nine

(not yet analysed)

Episode Ten : Helicopter Down (Bristow Flight 56C)

Aérospatiale SA 330J Puma

From a promotional movie on Bristow?
Reg. G-BFEU Aérospatiale SA 330J Puma c/n 1478 delivered in 1977.

Reg.G-BFEU Aérospatiale SA 330J Puma of Bristow Helicopters.
Reg.G-BFEU Aérospatiale SA 330J Puma of Bristow Helicopters.

British Aerospace BAe 146-200

Behind the helicopter, a BAe 146 of IAC.

British Aerospace BAe 146-200 of IAC-Integrated Aviation Consortium on lease from Flightline.

Aérospatiale AS332L Super Puma

Several airframes seen throughout the episode.
Reg. G-TIGE c/n 2028.

Reg. G-TIGE Aérospatiale AS-332L1 Super Puma of Bristow Helicopters.

Reg. G-TIGK c/n 2044 and subject of the study.

Reg. G-TICK Aérospatiale AS 332L Super Puma of Bristow Helicopters.

Other airframes seen and identified by their registration:

  • G-TIGF c/n 2038
  • G-TIGV c/n 2099

Seen through several CGI too.

Aérospatiale AS 332L Super Puma of Bristow Helicopters.

Embraer EMB-135ER

Reg. G-RJXK an Embraer EMB-135ER (ERJ-135ER) c/n 145494 manufactured in 2001.

Reg.G-RJXK Embraer EMB-135ER of BMI Regional.

Westland WS-61 Sea King HAR 3

Of one of the RAF Rescue Squadron.

DDLC S3E10 RAF CIMG7690.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

DDLC S3E10 unk CIMG7691.jpg

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31

Of Northwest.

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31 of Northwest Airlines.

Airbus A330-343X

Airframe 935 (as painted on the front wheels whels), so it's A330 registered C-GHKR, c/n 400.

Reg.C-GHKR Airbus A330-343X of Air Canada.

Sikorsky S-61N MkII

Probably G-BIMU (c/n 61752) as we guess what seems to be STAC POLLAIDH christen name. Leased by Kustwacht - Netherlands Coast Guard from Bristow Helicopters. Already met on this site:IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

Reg.G-BIMU Sikorsky S-61N MkII STAC POLLAIDH of the Kustwacht.
Reg.G-BIMU Sikorsky S-61N MkII STAC POLLAIDH of the Kustwacht.

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Sorry for the poor quality.
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 of KLM on the foreground and the tail of a Star Airlines liner in the distance.

DDLC S3E10 MD-11-KLM CIMG7700.jpg

Boeing 737-200

Boeing 737-200.

Airbus A380-841

MSN-001 read on the wheels whels so it's F-WWOW.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg.F-WWOW Airbus A380-841 of Airbus Industries.
Reg.F-WWOW Airbus A380-841 of Airbus Industries.

Various Airliners

Is it a 767 of Air France facing us ?

DDLC S3E10 various-CIMG7703.jpg

Episode Eleven : Hanging by a Thread (Aloha Airlines Flight 243 )

Boeing 737-297/Advanced

Reg. N730AL Boeing 737-297, (s/n 22631) built in 1982 wears Aloha Airlines colors.

Reg.N730AL Boeing 737-297/Advanced of Aloha Airlines.

Boeing 737-297

Reg. N73711 Boeing 737-297 (s/n 20209) used for Aloha Airlines Flight 243 on 28 April 1988.
Baptised Queen Liliuokalani, this airplane built in 1969 was the 152nd Boeing 737. Always in service with Aloha where it had accumulated 89 680 flight cycles / 35 496 hours in 19 years ! Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg.N73711 Boeing 737-297 Queen Liliuokalani of Aloha Airlines.

Boeing 737-236/Advanced

New (and last) Aloha paint scheme (with a tail in the colors of Hawaiian Airlines at left).

Boeing 737-236/Advanced of Aloha Airlines.

Boeing 737-7Q8

Boeing 737-7Q8 of Aloha Airlines.

Robinson R44

DDLC S3E11 R44 CIMG6035.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

DDLC S3E11 what CIMG6033.jpg

Probably a Douglas DC-3 without engines.

DDLC S3E11 what CIMG6029.jpg

Various Aircraft

Lot of Cessna (probably 152 & 172) with a twin engine airframe.

DDLC S3E11 various CIMG6036.jpg

Episode Twelve

Dedicated to a railroad drama.

Episode Thirteen : Bomb on Board (Philippine Airlines Flight 434)

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