Ojciec Mateusz

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Ojciec Mateusz DVD cover.

TV Series (2008-Present)

Artur Żmijewski (Father Mateusz Żmigrodzki)
Kinga Preis (Natalia)
Michał Piela (Aspirant Mieczysław Nocul)
Piotr Polk (Inspector Orest Możejko)

Series about the small town preist, who is using his detective talents to help victims of crime or people wrongly accused of committing a crime. Thanks to the good knowledge of the human psyche he is always able to solve cases just before, full of good intentions, but a little clumsy, local police. (License version of the Italian TV series "Don Matteo".)

WSK-Okęcie PZL 104 Wilga 80

Ep. 49.
Registration SP-FZE, c/n CF21950961.

Ompzl 104 wilga 35.jpg

WSK-Okęcie PZL 101 Gawron

Ep. 49.

Wsk okecie pzl 101 gawron.jpg

WSK PZL-Mielec CSS-13

Ep. 49.
Registration SP-YZN, c/n 42037. One of the 560 airframes built under license in Poland between 1949 and 1956.

WSK-Okecie CSS-13.jpg

WSK PZL-Mielec TS-11 Iskra

Ep. 49. The Iskra is the old training jet plane in the left/up corner of the pic.

Wsk PZL mielec TS-11 Iskra.jpg

Ekolot JK-05 L Junior

Ep. 49.

OMekolotjk05jun (1).jpg
OMekolotjk05jun (2).jpg

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Ep. 49. The white-blue plane.

Omsamolot (1).jpg
Omsamolot (2).jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 49. The smallest yellow plane with the white wings on the very left.


WSK PZL-Mielec An-2

Ep. 49.

General Aviation.

Bell 407

Ep. 49.
Registration SP-FDN, s/n 53051.

Reg. SP-FDN Bell 407 of White Eagle Aviation.

Bell 427

Ep. 49. The white helicopter behind the dark blue Bell.
Registration SP-KHA, c/n 56014.


Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 49.

Lotnia (6).jpg

Similar ones.

Lotnia (1).jpg
Lotnia (4).jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 49.

Lotnia (5).jpg
Lotnia (3).jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 49.

Lotnia (2).jpg

Extra EA-300 & Supermarine Spitfire R/C model

Ep. 49. Scale models.


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