Only When I Larf

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Only When I Larf movie poster.

Movie (1968)
French title : Trio d'escrocs
Italian title : ...solo quando rido

Richard Attenborough (Silas Lowther)
David Hemmings (Bob)
Alexandra Stewart (Liz Mason)
Nicholas Pennell (Spencer)

(Synopsis needed)

Handley Page H.P.42

We guess G-AA... Third letter could be U or G not the X linked to Handley Page H.P.45.
The christen name seems short so G-AAGX Hannibal or G-AAUE Hadrian of Imperial Airways ?

OnlyW 00100.jpg

Boeing Vertol BV 107-II

Reg. N107PA Boeing Vertol BV 107-II of New York Airways between 1964 and 1969. Later sold to Columbia Helicopters International as N188CH and loan in Papua New Guinea as P2-CHB and later in Canada as C-FHFW.

OnlyW 01700.jpg
OnlyW 01730.jpg

Taking off from the roof of the Pan American World Airways skyscraper (known since 1981 as the MetLife Building), New-York, U.S.A.

OnlyW 01745.jpg
OnlyW 01750.jpg
OnlyW 01820.jpg

Douglas DC-8-33

Reg. N804PA Douglas DC-8-33 c/n 45257 built in 1960 and christened Clipper Midnight Sun by Pan Am-Pan American World Airways. Later N8240U.

OnlyW 01828.jpg
OnlyW 01829.jpg
OnlyW 01830.jpg

Boeing 707

OnlyW 01850.jpg

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