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Orange est vert title screen.

TV Movie (1980)

Commandant JANTET (lui-même / himself)
Capitaine DUCOS (himself)
Capitaine ANDRIEU (himself)
Lieutenant CONTESSE (himself)
Colonel Vincent LANATA (himself)

Diary of a French Air Force base through a routine training flight which ends on a different way.

Dassault Mirage F1C-200

OrangeEstVert 01 Charcot-Alpha.jpg

Lot of Mirage F1s proudly wearing their escadrille (flight) colors.
Some colorfull with the colors of EC 2/5 "Ile de France". Such paint scheme lasted not long ...

Three Fleur-de-lis on a blue background under a black summit where a white Lorraine cross and 1941 (in red).

But the movie focuses on EC 1/5 "Vendee" with SPA 124 « Jeanne d'Arc » and SPA 26 « Cigogne de St Galmier » painted on the vertical stabilizer.
The main mission saw four aircraft in action serialed 5-ND (c/n 229), 5-NH (c/n 211), 5-NL (c/n 219), 5-NO (c/n 227).
5-NK (c/n 231) is seen between the hands of mechanics early in the morning.

SPA 26 badge on the tail of the departing Mirage F1.
SPA 26 badge on the right side.
SPA 124 on the other side.
Dassault Mirage F1C-200 5-NH (c/n 211).

Dassault Super-Mystère B2

Dassault Super-Mystère B2 now gate guardian at main access of Base aérienne 115 Orange-Caritat (Air Base 115).

OrangeEstVert 12 SMB2.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19

OrangeEstVert 14 MiG-19.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 PF

One of the six MiG-21 PF in squadron exchange with Normandie-Niemen at Reims in September 1971. Pilots name it by its NATO code "Fishbed J".

OrangeEstVert 15 MiG-21.jpg


2 : G-222 or An-24 ?
3 : F-111
4 : vessel
5 : Saab 105
6 : Tupolev Tu-22M
7 : English Electric Canberra
8 : Tu-16

OrangeEstVert 17.jpg

Grumman S-2 Tracker
Ilyushin Il-20 Coot
Avro Vulcan
Tupolev Tu-22

OrangeEstVert 18.jpg

Fouga CM170 R Magister

A TV team is interviewing Colonel Lanata during training flight of Patrouille de France. It was the last season with the Fouga CM170 R Magister.

OrangeEstVert 25 Magister.jpg

Fouga CM170 R Magister c/n 206 serial 5-MD.

First seen in the background.
OrangeEstVert 47 Magister-206.jpg

Nord Aviation CT.20

OrangeEstVert 26 CT20.jpg
OrangeEstVert 28 CT20.jpg

Takeoff with booster jettison next second.

OrangeEstVert 40 CT20.jpg

Boeing C-135F Stratolifter

OrangeEstVert 29 C-135F.jpg
OrangeEstVert 31 C-135F.jpg
OrangeEstVert 33 C-135F.jpg
OrangeEstVert 37 C-135F.jpg


OrangeEstVert 30 Jaguar.jpg

Dassault Mirage III C

OrangeEstVert 34 MIII.jpg
OrangeEstVert 36 Mirage.jpg

Dassault Mirage IVA

OrangeEstVert 38 MirageIV.jpg

Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

A visiting Starfighter on the parking of Base aérienne 126 Solenzara (Corsica, France).

OrangeEstVert 42 Starfighter.jpg

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