Phantom from Space

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Phantom from Space poster.

Movie (1953)

Ted Cooper (Lt. Hazen)
Tom Daly (Charlie)
Steve Acton (Mobile Center Dispatcher)
Burt Wenland (Agent Joe)

An alien being with the power of invisibility lands in Santa Monica. Killing two people who attacked him due to the menacing appearance of his spacesuit, the creature takes it off while being pursued by government authorities.
Note : this black and white movie was recently released in a colored DVD issue.

Boeing B-29 Superfortress

PFS B-29.png

Republic F-84 Thunderjet

PFS F-84.png
PFS Flypast.png

Unidentified Aircraft

Three (large ?) aircraft low overflying vessels.

PFS Fleet.png

Consolidated PBY Catalina & Douglas C-47

Two Consolidated PBY Catalina (bottom) with two Douglas C-47 and lots single-engined aircraft, some with their wings folded (F4U Corsairs ? Grumman TBF Avengers ?).

PFS PBY C-47.png

Douglas C-54 Skymaster

Aircraft used by the All Weather Flying Center, USAAF. In fact, aircrafts of this unit based in Ohio were red-nosed painted, not blue.

PFS C-54.png

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