Pin Up Girl

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Pin Up Girl movie poster.

Movie (1944)

Betty Grable (Lorry Jones/Laura Lorraine)
John Harvey (Tommy Dooley)
Martha Raye (Molly McKay)
Joe E. Brown (Eddie Hall)

(Synopsis needed)

Various Aircraft

On the wall, five aircrafts bent and battered. On the left, perhaps a North American NJ (BT-9) and lower right, probably a North American SNJ (T-6).

PinUpGirl divers.jpg

Boeing-Stearman N2S Kaydet

And this is Betty Grable, the ultimate Pin Up (painted on several US aircraft ... but not here).

PinUpGirl solo.jpg

North American SNJ

North American SNJ on the first row; on the second row, biplanes are parked.

PinUpGirl SNJ.jpg

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