Polska. Partner handlowy

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Polska. Partner handlowy title screen.

Documentary (1973)

Henryk Chądzyński (narrator)

A brief look on the Polish industry of the early 1970s. The footages are mostly from the 1972/1973 International Trade Fairs in Poznań.

WSK-Okęcie PZL 101 Gawron

W84PPH wilga gawron.png

WSK-Okęcie PZL 104 Wilga

W84PPH wilga.gif

SZD 30A Pirat

W84PPH szd 30 pirat.png

SZD 9bis Bocian-1E

W84PPH SZD-9bis Bocian-1E.png

Tupolev Tu-144

Model presented in the Soviet pavilion in the year 1972 or 1973.

Tupolev Tu-144 in Aeroflot livery.

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