Portrait of Alison

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Portrait of Alison movie poster.

Movie (1955)
Alternative US title Postmark for Danger

Robert Beatty (Tim Forrester)
Terry Moore (Alison Ford)
William Sylvester (Dave Forrester)
Geoffrey Keen (Inspector Colby)
Josephine Griffin (Jill Stewart)
Allan Cuthbertson (Henry Carmichael)

A woman's painted portrait and a post card with a sketch of a woman's hand holding a Chianti bottle are the main clues used by the Scotland Yard to solve a string of murders connected to a diamond-smuggling ring.

Vickers 610 Viking 1B

Notice the Douglas DC-3 on the left, and a Bristol 170 Freighter on the right. Unkwon airfield. Must be England due to the flags: Southend on Sea?

Vickers 610 Viking 1B of Pegasus Airlines (1959).

Douglas DC-3

Unidentifield taking-off DC-3.

Douglas DC-3.

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