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Quartet movie poster.

Movie (1948)
Alternative title: W. Somerset Maugham's Quartet

Basil Radford (Henry Garnet)
Naunton Wayne (Leslie)
Ian Fleming (Ralph)
Jack Raine (Thomas)
Angela Baddeley (Mrs. Garnet)
James Robertson Justice (Branksome)

Four of W. Somerset Maugham's short stories are brought to the screen with each introduced by the author. In "The Facts of Life", a young man with great potential on the tennis courts goes to Monte Carlo and ends up doing the exact opposite of what his father recommended. In "The Alien Corn", an aspiring pianist devotes himself to perfecting his artistic skills, but finds he lacks the talents to reach the heights he so desperately craves. In "The Kite", a young man who lives at home and loves kite flying goes against his overbearing mother's wishes and marries the girl he's been dating. He's soon back home, much to his mother's delight, but re-considers when his wife takes up a new hobby. In the final chapter "The Colonel's Lady", a middle-aged man is shocked to learn that his somewhat-dowdy wife has written a collection of racy poems and is now a best-selling author.

Vickers VC1 Viking 1B

One of the 6x Vikings operated by Indian National Airways. This company was merged into Indian Airlines in 1953 after a change name to Dalmia Jain Airways in 1947. This photo must be anterior to 1947. See discussion tab

Vickers VC1 Viking 1B of Indian National Airways.
Vickers VC1 Viking 1B of Indian National Airways.
Vickers VC1 Viking 1B of Indian National Airways.

Vickers VC1 Viking 1B

In BEA’s early bare metal finish livery.

Vickers VC1 Viking 1B of BEA-British European Airways.

Vickers VC1 Viking 1B

Vickers VC1 Viking.

Douglas DC-3

Or Douglas C-47 Skytrain

Douglas DC-3.
Douglas DC-3.
Douglas DC-3.

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