Radar Men from the Moon

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Radar Men from the Moon movie poster.

12 chapters Movie Serial (1952)

George Wallace (Commando Cody)
Aline Towne (Joan Gilbert)
Roy Barcroft (Retik, Ruler of the Moon)
William Bakewell (Ted Richards)

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Lunar Rocket

Seen in several episodes.

RMftM rocket.jpg

Airlock between the access door and the four seat cockpit.

RMftM rocket-sas.jpg

Stinson Voyager

Used in Episode 4 during the kidnapping of Joan.

RMftM Ep4 Stinson.jpg
RMftM Ep4 Stinson-V.jpg

Then used during Episode 6 to bomb a volcano.

RMftM Ep6 Stinson-bomber.jpg

Episode 7 displays the best shot during a take off.

RMftM Ep7 Stinson-TO.jpg

Luscombe 8

Episode 7 Camouflaged Destruction.
The white one in the background.

RMftM Ep7 plane.jpg

Fairchild 24G

Episode 7 Camouflaged Destruction.
In flight, during a continuity error.

RMftM Ep7 plane-TV.jpg

Manned Rocket

Episode 12 Death of the Moon Man.

RMftM Ep12 rocket2.jpg
RMftM Ep12 rocket2a.jpg

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