Rage (1972)

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Rage (1972) movie poster.

Movie (1972)

George C. Scott (Dan Logan)
Richard Basehart (Dr. Roy Caldwell)
Martin Sheen (Maj. Holliford)
Barnard Hughes (Dr. Spencer (Public Health Service))
Nicolas Beauvy (Chris Logan)
Paul Stevens (Col. William Franklin)

An accidental nerve gas leak by the military kills not only a rancher's livestock, but also his son. When he tries to hold the military accountable for their actions, he runs up against a wall of silence.

Bell OH-13 Sioux

In the beginning of movie, spraying a nerve gas.

Bell OH-13 Sioux of the US Army.

Bell 206B JetRanger II

N1406W in US Army livery. Now YV-417C, c/n 333, of Venezuela.

Bell 206B JetRanger II.
Bell 206B JetRanger II.
Bell 206B JetRanger II.

Fairchild F-27J

2, maybe 3 Fairchild F-27 of Allegheny Airlines in the back ground.

Fairchild F-27J of Allegheny Airlines.

Convair 880

2 ex Northeast Airlines Convair 880.

Convair 880 of Northeast Airlines.

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