Rogue Trader

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Rogue Trader UK video cover.

Movie (1999)

Ewan McGregor (Nick Leeson)
Anna Friel (Lisa Leeson)
Lee Ross (Danny Argyropoulos)
Tim McInnerny (Tony Hawes)
Pip Torrens (Simon Jones)
John Standing (Peter Baring)

The story of Nick Leeson, an ambitious investment broker who singlehandedly bankrupted one of the oldest and most important banks in Britain.

Boeing 747

A shot of this landing is shown when Leeson goes back to England. Same shot seen in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

Rogue Trader Jumbo1.jpg

After finding that he has become a fugitive, Leeson gets on a flight to Frankfurt, but is arrested by the German police on landing.

Rogue Trader Jumbo2.jpg

British Aerospace BAe 146-300 & Fokker F27 Friendship

Seen in the far background of this shot (on the right behind the two police Mercedes). This is a UK airport/aerodrome standing in for Frankfurt airport.
Fokker F27 Friendship in the far background on the right.
Behind the police car is probably a British Aerospace BAe 146-300 of Palmair Flightline on lease from Flightline.

Rogue Trader Frankfurt2.jpg

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