Rumor Has It

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Rumor Has It movie poster.

Movie (2005)
French title: La rumeur court

Jennifer Aniston (Sarah Huttinger)
Kevin Costner (Beau Burroughs)
Shirley MacLaine (Katharine Richelieu)
Mark Ruffalo (Jeff Daly)

(Synopsis needed)

Boeing 767-322/ER

Fictional airline Air Republic with United Airlines livery.
Another one in the background, a -322/ER of United Airlines.

Boeing 767-322/ER of fictional Air Republic livery.

Boeing 767-322/ER & Boeing 727-251(F)

With a Boeing 727 of the cargo airline Kitty Hawk Aircargo in the background (on the left).

Boeing 767-322/ER and Boeing 727-251(F) of KHA-Kitty Hawk Aircargo.

Airbus A340

Not shown by the screenshot but it's a four engine jet, an Airbus A340.

Airbus A340.

Gulfstream III

RHI 00004.jpg
RHI 00005.jpg

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