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Sanguepazzo poster.

Movie (2008)
English title: Wild Blood

Luca Zingaretti (Osvaldo Valenti)
Monica Bellucci (Luisa Ferida)
Alessio Boni (Golfiero/Taylor)
Giovanni Visentin (Sturla)

The story of the rise, life, and fall of Osvaldo Valenti and Luisa Ferida, two stars of Italian cinema during the fascist period of Italy.

CANT Z.506

Sanguepazzo impdbi1.90.jpg
Sanguepazzo impdbi2.50.jpg

Fieseler Fi 156 C-3 Storch

Mussolini boarding the Fieseler Fi 156C-3/Trop, W.Nr.1268, SJ + LL.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).

Sanguepazzo impdbii1.51.jpg

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