Secret Agent X-9 (1945)

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Secret Agent X-9 of (1945) movie poster.

Movie Series [13 episodes of 20 minutes each] (1945)

Lloyd Bridges (Secret Agent X-9)
Keye Luke (Ah Fong)
Jan Wiley (Lynn Moore)
Victoria Horne (Nabura)
Samuel S. Hinds (Solo)

Both sides in World War II attempt to control the secret of element 722, which can be used to create cheap aviation fuel.

Fokker F.VII/3M

Ep. 1 Torpedo Rendezvous
A poster on the wall displays the plane of an unidentified airline with the BYO letters to end its registration.

SA-X9-1 Fokker F-VIIb-3m.png

Sikorsky S-39

Ep. 2 Ringed by Fire
This derivative of the Sikorsky S-38 was powered by a single engine and has five seats.

SA-X9-2 S-38.png
SA-X9-2 S-38b.png

Curtiss-Wright CW-22

This advanced training monoplane aircraft of 1938 was operated by the United States Navy as a scout trainer with the designation SNC-1 Falcon. 400+ airframes built. Used here to act as a "Japanese Zero".
Ep. 6 Strafed by a Zero

SA-X9-6 Zero CW-22.png

Ep. 7 High Pressure Deadline

SA-X9-7 Zero CW-22.png

Seen in the both episodes, the close-up on the cockpit.

SA-X9-6 Zero dive.png

Fictionnal Japanese Fighter

In a continuity error, the cockpit of the CW-22 is replaced by this one (same shot in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft).

SA-X9-6 Zero dv.png

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 13 Zero Minute
Probably Aichi D3As or Mitsubishi A5Ms.

SA-X9-13 raiders.png

Mitsubishi G3M

Ep. 13 Zero Minute

SA-X9-13 Mit G3M.png
SA-X9-13 raidersJap.png

Grumman F4F Wildcat

Ep. 13 Zero Minute
The bombers are called by the ground station and once they changed their objective, a side view displays three single seaters !

SA-X9-13 F4F.png

Grumman TBF Avenger

Ep. 13 Zero Minute
The fighters became these single-engined Avengers bombing the submarine.

SA-X9-13 TBM.png

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