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Shonen Kokuhei movie poster.

Movie (1936)
Japanese title : 少年航空兵
French title : Jeunes aviateurs de la Marine
English title : Youth Aviation Seamen

Chishu Ryu (The Instructor)
Hirose Toru (The DH80 pilot)
Miyake Kuniko (His girlfriend)

(Synopsis needed)

Yokosuka K2Y

Star of the movie, this Yokosuka K2Y serial カ-469 (KA-469)

SK Yokosho-K2Y-ground.jpg
The type is seen a first time through this anonmous airframe.
SK K2Y-flying.jpg
SK Yokosho-K2Y.jpg
SK Yokosho-K2Y-469.jpg

This indigenous derivative of the Avro 504 is seen several times with various serial :
for example ヨ-601 (YO-601) doing aerobatics.

SK K2Y-YO601.jpg

Yokosuka K5Y1

First seen on wheels :

SK Yokosuka-K5Y1.jpg

Later on floats :


Serials カ-832 and カ-841 and カ-842 (KA-832 and KA-841 and KA-842) :

SK Y-K5Y1-floats.jpg

And again with wheels :

Yokosuka K5Y1 serial カ-759 (KA-759).

Nakajima E2N and Various Yokosuka Floatplane

1 : probably Type 15 Reconnaissance Seaplane (alias Nakajima E2N1)
2 : Yokosho (Yokosuka) K5Y2
3 : next to it a Type 14 Reconnaissance Seaplane or Yokosho (Yokosuka) E1Y2
4 : Yokosho (Yokosuka) K1Y2.
5 : All the seaplanes in the back and on the seashore are probably Navy Type 90 Training Seaplanes or Yokosho (Yokosuka) K4Y1.

SK Kasumigaura-Kokutai.jpg

Yokosuka K4Y

Yokosuka K4Y serial カ-660 (KA-660).
SK Yokosho-K4Y1.jpg

Kawanishi H3K

SK flyingBoat.jpg

Nakajima A2N

SK Nakajima-A2N.jpg
SK Nakajima-A2N1.jpg

Ishikawajima R-2

Reg. J-BEGB Ishikawajima R-2 c/n 3.
Only the three (?) prototypes of this trainer were built.

(far left) About J-BBCA, read below.

Unidentified Aircraft

Reg. J-BB(DA ?) General Aircraft Monospar ST-4 ?


De Havilland DH80A Puss Moth

Reg. J-BAWA De Havilland DH80A Puss Moth c/n 2128 built in March 1931


With a Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel (or Nippi NH-1 Hibari if licensed built) in the background.

SK pou.jpg

The hangar reads "Asahi Shimbunsha Kakunoko" (Hangar of Asahi Shimbun) and we see all the extrados markings including on the horizontal stabilizer.

SK J-BAWA-hangar.jpg

Ishikawajima T-3

SK Isikawajima-T3.jpg

Ishikawajima T-3 c/n 3, J-BBCA built in 1928. The type was an experimental reconnaissance aircraft that failed to win in an Army competition of 1928. Ishikawajima eventually sold it in 1932 to Asahi as the 58th aircraft in the newspaper fleet after modifying it into a communication aircraft for civilian use.


The Asahi (朝日) Shimbun newspaper got a huge fleet including this Ishikawajima T-3 captioned as being the 58th aircraft.

SK J-BBCA-58.jpg
SK J-BBCA-aerobatics.jpg

Dornier Do Komet III

Reg. J-BAMA Dornier Do Komet III (c/n 1003) which was first registered as J-COHJ.

SK J-BAMA-Komet.jpg
SK J-BAMA-Komet-C.jpg
SK J-BAMA-Komet-Asahi.jpg

Nakajima E4N

Nakajima E4N named Type 90-2 Reconnaissance Seaplane by Japanese Navy.

SK Nakajima-E4N2.jpg

Wingtip near a row of engine with various propeller on the wall : instructional room as shown by the hero to his parents.

SK miscl2.jpg

Nakajima E4N or its successor Nakajima E8N ?

SK seaplane.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft


Japanese 'Link' Trainer

Close to the drawing of the Link trainer 1930 patent (so without hood for blind flight).


Mitsubishi B1M2

SK Mitsubishi B1M2.jpg

Mitsubishi K3M

Mitsubishi Type 90 crew trainer カ-612 (KA-612) and カ-517 (KA-517).

SK Mitsubishi-K3M.jpg
SK Mitsubishi-K3Mb.jpg

Yokosho K1Y2

(left) Yokosho K1Y2 alias Navy trainer type 13.

SK Yokosho-K1Y2.jpg

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