Slattery's Hurricane

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Slattery's Hurricane poster.

Movie (1949)

Richard Widmark (Willard Francis "Will" Slattery)
Linda Darnell (Mrs. Aggie Hobson)
Veronica Lake (Dolores Grieves)
John Russell (Lieutenant F.J. "Hobby" Hobson)

A former WW2 naval pilot employed by a Miami civilian company reminisces about his past and present sins while flying a plane into an incoming hurricane.

Grumman G-73 Mallard

2016-02-09 00h13 03.jpg
2016-02-09 00h13 30.jpg
2016-02-09 00h14 41.jpg
2016-02-09 00h16 52.jpg
2016-02-09 00h23 12.jpg

Consolidated PB4Y-2M Privateer

Of VP-23 or Patrol Squad 23. Ground footage filmed at Naval Air Station Miami.

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Unidentified Aircraft

2016-02-09 00h31 36.jpg
2016-02-09 00h31 58.jpg

Vought F4U Corsair?

2016-02-09 00h32 15.jpg

Douglas DC-6

Douglas DC-6 of American Airlines.

Douglas C-54 Skymaster

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2016-02-09 00h51 13.jpg
2016-02-09 00h51 19.jpg
2016-02-09 00h51 32.jpg

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