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Slepoy DVD cover.

TV Series (2004-2008)
Russian title: Слепой

Oleg Chernov (Klim Neverov)
Stanislav Kontsevich (Curator)
Vladimir Korenev (Fedor Potapchuk)
Sergey Makhovikov (Gleb Severov)

(Synopsis needed)

Season One

Mil Mi-8

Ep. 1.1

Slepoi S1E1 Mi-8a.jpg
Slepoi S1E1 Mi-8.jpg

Mil Mi-24 Hind

Ep. 1.4

Slepoi S1E4 Mi-24.jpg

Antonov An-30D

Ep. 1.4
Please note the extra fuel tank on the fuselage's side of this long range variant. Probably manned by crews of Novosibirsk Air Enterprise.


Antonov An-24s of Aeroflot in the background.


Antonov An-30

Ep. 1.4


Yakovlev Yak-18T

Ep. 1.4

Slepoi S1E4 Yak.jpg
Slepoi S1E4 Yak2.jpg
Slepoi S1E4 Yak3.jpg

Season Two

Robinson R44

Ep. 2.2

Slepoi S1E10 R-44.jpg

Eurocopter EC120 Colibri

Ep. 2.2

Slepoi S1E10 EC-120.jpg

Season Three

Mil Mi-8/17

Ep. 3.3 "программа уьмвать"
A later variant.

Slepoi S3E03 Mil.jpg

(to be continnued)

Mil Mi-8

Ep. 3.07

Slepoi S3E07 Mil-8.jpg
Slepoi S3E07 Mil-8b.jpg

Unidentified Antonov

Ep. 3.07
Antonov An-24 or Antonov An-26 ?

Slepoi S3E07 Antonov.jpg

Antonov An-28

Ep. 3.8
Reg. RF-01196 Antonov An-28 built in 1990 by PZL-Mielec (c/n 1AJ008-15) and wearing the colors of Rodina Aeroklub (Oyl TransAvia). First registration CCCP-28928 / SSSR-28928 then RA-28928.

Slepoi S3E08 An-28 RF-01196.jpg
Slepoi S3E08 An-28 Rodina.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-55 & Yakovlev Yak-52

Ep. 3.8
On the left (the nearest with a straight fin leading edge) is the Yakovlev Yak-55; in the background is the Yakovlev Yak-52 has a rounded fin leading edge and its registration is seen blurred.

Slepoi S3E08 Yak.jpg
Slepoi S3E08 Yak0.jpg
Slepoi S3E08 Yak-52.jpg

Season Four

Tupolev Tu-134

Ep. 4.1

Tupolev Tu-134 of Pulkovo Airlines.

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