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Squanderers poster.

Movie (1993)

Chad McQueen (John)
Don Swayze (Scott)
Joe Estevez (Lt. Ford)
Sydney Lassick (Peter Chisholm)

A security guard using video surveillance to watch a parking lot sees a man stash a suitcase in a car immediately before he is apprehended by the police. After everyone is gone, the guard gets the bag from the car and discovers it has $300,000 in it. He and his pals then set off on a spending spree. Of course, the bag belongs to mobsters who soon come after the men who stole their bag.

Bell 206B JetRanger III

Registration N2044C, c/n 3363 built in 1981. Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Squanderers 1996 tvrip xvid maestro cgavi 004248680.jpg
Squanderers 1996 tvrip xvid maestro cgavi 004296990.jpg

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