Stolen Holiday

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Stolen Holiday movie poster.

Movie (1937)

Kay Francis (Nicole Picot)
Claude Rains (Stefan Orloff)
Ian Hunter (Anthony Wayne)
Alison Skipworth (Suzanne)

(Synopsis needed)

Curtiss AT-32D Condor

Reg. N12397 Curtiss AT-32D Condor c/n 49.
Well ... despite the Eiffel Tower, we are not at Le Bourget airport (which had very different building) but at the Grand Central Air Terminal, Glendale, California (as you could see it on Air Hostess (1933).

StolenHoliday N12397.jpg

The funny thing is to find again this airliner at "Genève" (according to the screenplay). Yes ! Swissair flew the type but the colors were slighty different and (what a chance !) we can't see the tail assembly which is hidden by a car to keep secret the US registration.

StolenHoliday N12397-profile.jpg

Handley Page H.P.45

First, a not too badly done cabin.

StolenHoliday cabin.jpg
(far right) Hora... Horatius !

Reg. G-AAXD Handley Page H.P.45 Horatius of Imperial Airways.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).


This footage is really filmed at Aéroport de Paris-Le Bourget, Horatius being caught in front of Air Union (now known as UTA) hangar.

StolenHoliday HPlanding.jpg
StolenHoliday AAXD.jpg

Various Airliner

From right to left (with some reservations):
A SABCA-Savoia Marchetti S.73P of SABENA;
Wibault 283T in Air France;
DC-2 or Bloch 220 ?
... and G-AAXD Handley Page H.P.45 Horatius landing.

StolenHoliday HPlanding2.jpg

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