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Lifting Body Concept

This TV Serie is famous by its credits showing NASA's footage of the failed flight test done on May 10, 1967 with the Northrop M2-F2 (melting them with other flight sequence including the Northrop HL-10). This is the main subject of the second television pilot movie with a long action of more twenty minutes focused on these experimental activities (with a lot of continuity errors; a line of editing found all along the episodes).

In Ep. 2.08 The Deadly Replay will deal again with these lifting bodies ....

Uses and Reuses

Lots of footage are used several times all along the episodes (sometimes inside the same story itself !). This strategy of using few material several times or slicing and melting it with Archive Footage or Promotional Film led to a tight crossing with The Bionic Woman TV Series.
Sometimes with evidence, sometimes just awaiting more data to choose between close similarity or real aircraft/footage of common use...
For example, is the anonymous Stinson L-5 Sentinel seen in Ep. 1.05 Little Orphan Airplane (The Six Million Dollar Man) the same machine seen in Ep. 1.02 Angel of Mercy (The Bionic Woman) ?
Or is the Sud Aviation SA 341G Gazelle (seen in Ep. 1.06 Doomsday, and Counting with its paint slighty customized) the same one in Ep 2.12 Biofeedback ?
LVCDC (talk) 11:53, 7 February 2021 (MST)