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The Arrow DVD cover.

TV Movie (1996)
French title : Projet Arrow

Dan Aykroyd (Crawford Gordon Jr)
Sara Botsford (Kate O'Hara (fictional))
Aidan Devine (Jim Chamberlin)
Nigel Bennett (James C. Floyd)

1953 : After several success (CF-100 and C102), AVRO Canada starts the study of a Mach 2 class fighter in order to face the new soviet threat of strategic bombers.

Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck

A R/C model first. To act as the Mark 4 breaking the sound barrier.

TheArrow96 CF-100 top.png

Archives footage too.

From a promotional documentary about "A. V. ROE Canada Limited".
TheArrow96 CF-100 JF-154.png

Throughout the movie, posters, desk models and sometimes real airframe backgrounded can be seen.

TheArrow96 CF-100 DM.png

Tupolev Tu-95

Named Tu-20 as intelligence service did it at the time.

TheArrow96 Tu-95.png

A later variant (note the CF-100 poster at the left of the screen).

TheArrow96 Tu-95 bear.png

Tupolev Tu-16

The general speaks of the Ilyushin Il-22 which was different (4 jet engines on a straight wing)... and was cancelled on 22 September 1947.

TheArrow96 Tu-16.png
TheArrow96 Tu-16F.png

Cartoon's Shapes

Myasishchev Bison

TheArrow96 Bison.png

Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

With the horizontal stabilizer of a Boeing B-47 !

TheArrow96 USbomber.png

Lockheed F-94 Starfire

A loosely inspired shape as wings should be straight, not trapezoidal. Horizontal stabilizer is uncorrect too.

TheArrow96 USfighter.png

Wall Posters

Avro Anson

TheArrow96 Avro Anson.png

Avro Lancaster

TheArrow96 LAncaster.png

Avro Canada C102 Jetliner

Only one airframe built and successfuly flew under registration CF-EJD-X.

TheArrow96 Avro C102-Jetliner.png

Avro 691 Lancastrian

Not listed by Mr Gordon despite six of them were built by Avro Canada during WW2.

TheArrow96 LAncastrian.png

Avro Canada C102 Jetliner

Cancelled in order to keep full industrial capacities to the CF-100.

TheArrow96 Avro C102-real1.png
TheArrow96 Avro C102-real2.png
TheArrow96 Avro C102-fly.png
TheArrow96 Avro C102-fly2.png
TheArrow96 Avro C102 CF-EJD-X.png

Beechcraft Expeditor Mk 3NMT

Serial « 1477 » (c/n CA-52) on duty with RCAF from 18 December 1951 to 06 May 1970. Now hosted by the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

TheArrow96 Beechcraft-C-45.png

Testbed Rocket Launcher

TheArrow96 Test-atmo2.png
TheArrow96 Test-atmo3.png
TheArrow96 Test-atmo4.png

Avro Canada CF-105

Sometimes, archive and promotional footages.

TheArrow96 CF-105 CL201.png
TheArrow96 CF-105 CL201-taxi.png
TheArrow96 CF-105 CL201-fly.png

Sometimes 1:1 scale model by Allan Jackson.

TheArrow96 CF-105 replica.png

Post-production (?) skinned with RL 202 serial.

TheArrow96 CF-105 CL202.png

... or RL 206 (which in fact was nearly to roll out at the cancellation date).

TheArrow96 CF-105 CL206.png

This replica is now part of the Reynolds-Alberta Museum (Wetaskiwin, Alberta) but no more exposed following wind damages in 2009.

Douglas DC-3

TheArrow96 DC-3E.jpg
TheArrow96 DC-3.png

Sputnik Launcher

Launcher of Sputnik. In 1957, USSR never broadcasted such pictures of the top secret rocket, ahead occidental projects !

TheArrow96 soyuz.png

North American (T-6) Harvard

TheArrow96 T-6.jpg

Boeing B-47 Stratojet

Became the CL-52, serial X-059 for Canadian Authorities. Not said or shown by this TV movie, it was used for the trials of the Orenda Iroquois engine.

TheArrow96 B-47.png

Avro Canada CF-100 Mk 5M Canuck

Used to test the Sparrow 2 missile designed for the CF-105.

TheArrow96 CF-100 Mk5M.png

Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar

Two prototypes built in 1958/59. Project cancelled in 1961.

TheArrow96 AZ-9 Avrocar.png

Consolidated PBY Catalina & Lockheed Constellation

Behind the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar itself in the background of the Avro Canada CF-100 Mk 5 Canuck s/n 18754, c/n C-100/5/654.

TheArrow96 Cata Constel.png

Canadair CT-133 Silver Star

TheArrow96 T-33.png

North American F-86 Sabre

TheArrow96 F-86.png

Unidentified Aircraft

TheArrow96 spy.png

Grumman Lunar Module

A little bit anachronic in 1959 !

TheArrow96 LM.png

Lockheed U-2

TheArrow96 U-2R.png

Unidentified Aircraft

Looks like to the North American XB-70 Valkyrie but without vertical stabilizer and in RCAF markings !

TheArrow96 XB-70.png
TheArrow96 XB-70not.png

Avro Canada CF-105

The Aurora kit scaled out to approximately 1/78 scale. It was released in 1959 and continued in production until about 1974.

TheArrow96 CF-105 Aurora.png

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