The Crimson Ghost

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The Crimson Ghost movie poster.

12 chapters Movie Serial (1946)
German title : Der Mann mit der Totenmaske

Charles Quigley (Duncan Richards)
Linda Stirling (Diana Farnsworth)
Clayton Moore (Ashe)
I. Stanford Jolley (Doctor Blackton)

To stop any nuclear threat, scientists designed the Cyclotrode which stops all electricity capacity of any device. The proof of concept is able to stop an aircraft engines. Soon after this successful trial, the Crimson Ghost stole the prototype.

Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan (R/C Model)

Chapter One : Atomic Peril

TheCrimsonGhost AT-11Model.jpg
TheCrimsonGhost AT-11Model2.jpg

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

Chapter Five : Flaming Death
A 1:1 Mock Up for a takeoff at night.

TheCrimsonGhost5 P-40.jpg
TheCrimsonGhost5 P-40-MU.jpg

Stinson Voyager

Chapter Six : Mystery of the Mountain

TheCrimsonGhost6 Stinson-108.jpg

Stinson L-1 Vigilant

Chapter Six : Mystery of the Mountain

TheCrimsonGhost6 Stinson-Vigilant.jpg

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