The Day of the Jackal

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The Day of the Jackal French movie poster.

Movie (1973)
French title : Chacal

Edward Fox (the Jackal)
Michael Lonsdale (Claude Lebel)
Terence Alexander (Lloyd)
Michel Auclair (Colonel Rolland)

Vickers 837 Viscount

Vickers Viscount c/n 438 OE-LAG / LZ-BEO / XT575 christened W A Mozart of Austrian Airlines.
But on 31 October 1964, this aircraft has been sold to the Ministry of Technology for use by the RRE - Royal Radar & Signals Establishment ! So, which aircraft is used in 1973 during the filming ?

TDotJ Austrian.jpg
TDotJ Austrian2.jpg

Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor

TDotJ Beech.jpg

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