The Doctor Blake Mysteries

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The Doctor Blake Mysteries title card.

TV Series (2013-2018)

Craig McLachlan (Doctor Lucien Blakev)
Nadine Garner (Jean Beazley)
Cate Wolfe (Matilda "Mattie" O'Brien (Series 1-4))
Joel Tobeck (Chief Supt Matthew Lawson)

Dr Lucien Blake left Ballarat as a young man. But now he finds himself returning, to take over not only his dead father's medical practice, but also his on-call role as the town's police surgeon.

Season 2

Beechcraft D18S

Ep. 2.04 Smoke and Mirrors
Registration VH-SAU, c/n A-499 built in 1949.

Doctorblake 204 beechcraft18 2.jpg
Doctorblake 204 beechcraft18 3.jpg
Doctorblake 204 beechcraft18 4.jpg
Doctorblake 204 beechcraft18 5.jpg

Cessna 310D

Ep. 2.04 Smoke and Mirrors
Registration VH-WDF, c/n 39200 built in 1960.

Doctorblake 204 vh-wdf.jpg
Doctorblake 204 vh-wdf 3.jpg
Doctorblake 204 vh-wdf 7.jpg
Doctorblake 204 vh-wdf 8.jpg

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