The Fighting Marines

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The Fighting Marines movie poster.

Movie Series (1936) in twelve chapters.

Grant Withers (Corporal Larry Lawrence)
Adrian Morris (Sergeant Mack McGowan)
Ann Rutherford (Frances Schiller)
Robert Warwick (Colonel W. R. Bennet)

(Synopsis needed)

Fairchild C-8

Ep. 1 Human Targets.
Code AS9135 acting as 'DX19' experimental plane.

TheFiMa-01 00004.jpg
TheFiMa-01 00005.jpg
TheFiMa-01 00010.jpg
TheFiMa-01 00013.jpg

Stearman C3-R

Ep. 1 Human Targets.

Seen first during the title sequence.

On the left.

TheFiMa-01 00006.jpg

Starboard side wears code J.114 and registration AS668K :

TheFiMa-01 00022.jpg
TheFiMa-01 00023.jpg

But port side has registration NC668K (Stearman C3-R c/n 5011).

TheFiMa-01 00029.jpg

At takeoff, only the last two characters are under the wing.

TheFiMa-01 00020.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 1 Human Targets.
On the right.

TheFiMa-01 00007.jpg

Douglas Dolphin RD-4

Ep. 1 Human Targets.
Douglas Dolphin of the U.S. Coast Guard.

TheFiMa-01 00008 Douglas-Dolphin.jpg
TheFiMa-01 00012.jpg

Fokker D.VII & Travel Air 2000

Ep. 1 Human Targets.
Stock shot from Hell's Angels.

TheFiMa-01 00018.jpg

Shot from the dogfight action but here the 'German' fighters are acting as American planes searching for the lost aircraft.

TheFiMa-01 00019.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 1 Human Targets.

TheFiMa-01 00030.jpg

Douglas M-2

Ep. 2 Isle of Missing Men
Continuity error : the Stearman C3-R used for trials is shot down by Anti Aircraft Artilery (AAA). Badly damaged, our heroes managed to crash land. But the registration NC-1491 (and shape) is for a Douglas M-2 ordered by Western Air Express (c/n 252).

TheFiMa-02 00002.jpg
TheFiMa-02 00001 NC1491.jpg

Stearman C3-R

Ep. 2 Isle of Missing Men and Ep. 7 Jungle Terrors
Probably the same NC668K seen in Ep. 1 ready to be used with a catapult.

TheFiMa-02 00003.jpg

Of course, the takeoff is showing a model.

TheFiMa-02 00004.jpg
TheFiMa-02 00005.jpg

Fokker D.VII

Ep. 4 The Mark of the Tiger Shark

Another Continuity error : this time, a Fokker is acting the Stearman C3-R

TheFiMa-04 00001.jpg

Pitcairn-Cierva PCA-2

Ep. 6 Robber's Roost

TheFiMa-06 00001.jpg
TheFiMa-06 00003.jpg

Ep. 11 Behind the Mask

TheFiMa-11 00005.jpg

Unidentified Monoplane Aircraft

Probably the Fairchild C-8 seen in episode 1.
Ep. 7 Jungle Terrors

TheFiMa-07 00001.jpg

Real cockpit or movie set ?

TheFiMa-07 00002.jpg

Ep. 12 Two Against The Horde

TheFiMa-12 00001.jpg

Unidentified Monoplane Aircraft

Ep. 12 Wheels of Destruction

TheFiMa-10 00001.jpg

Ep. 12 Two Against The Horde
Aerobatics by three aircrafts.

TheFiMa-12 00002.jpg

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