The Gods Must Be Crazy II

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The Gods Must Be Crazy II movie poster.

Movie (1989)
French title : Les dieux sont tombés sur la tête 2

N!xau (Xixo)
Eiros as Xiri
Nadies as Xisa
Hans Strydom (Dr. Stephen Marshall)
Lena Farugia (Dr. Ann Taylor)

Four stories run in parallel and interact: Xi is trying to find his children, who are captive in a truck of elephant poachers travelling around, a zoologist and a lawyer are stuck in a desert, and two enemy soldiers from Cuba and Angola repeatedly try to take each other prisoner.

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The Gods Must Be Crazy
Fei zhou he shang (aka : The Gods Must Be Crazy III)
Heung Gong wun fung kwong (aka : The Gods Must Be Crazy IV)

UltraFlight Lazair II

The airplane is a 2-seat UltraFlight Lazair II, which was heavily modified for the movie. It was equipped with more powerful engines and custom-built cabin. The customization was done by Mark and Anthony Howse.

Modified UltraFlight Lazair II with markings “VAV”.

After the movie, the aircraft was on a display in aviation-themed restaurant “Stringfellows” in Bloemfontein, South Afirca.

Gods-must-be-crazy-II Ultraflight-Lazair-II-2.jpg
Gods-must-be-crazy-II Ultraflight-Lazair-II-3.jpg

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