The Marines Fly High

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The Marines Fly High movie poster.

Movie (1940)

Richard Dix (Lt. Danny Darrick)
Chester Morris (Lt. Jim Malone)
Lucille Ball (Joan Grant)
Steffi Duna (Teresa)

Marine lieutenants Dan and Jim fight bandits in a South American country, while competing for the attention of beautiful Joan Grant.

Ryan ST

TMFH 00500.jpg
TMFH 00522.jpg
TMFH 01512.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Two aircraft on close foreground and seen during the traveling after landing.

TMFH 00521.jpg
TMFH 00521B.jpg

Douglas XO-14

A derivative of the Douglas O-2; a single airframe built, later sold on the civil market once the military devices removed. Fictitious code.

TMFH 02250.jpg
TMFH Douglas XO-14.jpg
TMFH 02350.jpg

Stearman C3R

TMFH 04100.jpg
Foreground, only the starboard side.

Fairchild 24G

Reg. NC19109 Fairchild 24G c/n 2974 built in 1937.

TMFH 05350.jpg
TMFH 05750.jpg

The cabin looks strange : usual layout was 2+2 seatings, most often with a second stick and instrument panel for the right front seat. Few Fairchild 24 were without instrument on starboard and always with the second seat. And the cabin is so deep ; where is the bench seat and behind it the baggage compartment? No ambulance variant...
A set that's half true to life.

TMFH 10100.jpg

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