The Perils of Pauline (1933 serial)

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The Perils of Pauline 1933 advertising.

Movie Serial (1933)

Evalyn Knapp (Pauline Hargraves)
Robert Allen (Robert Warde)
John Davidson (Doctor Bashan)
James Durkin (Professor Hargraves)
William Desmond (Professor Thompson (chapters 9 through 12))

Pauline Hargraves is the intrepid daughter of Professor Hargraves, a noted doctor of chemistry and archeology. She and Willie Dodge, her father's cowardly secretary, have accompanied Professor Hargraves to China in search of a legendary ivory disk. Unfortunately, the villainous Asian warlord, Doctor Bashan, is also after the disk. Their paths cross again and again, across countries and continents, in situations that are always thrilling.

Keystone B/LB Bomber Family

Chapter 1 : The Guns of Doom
A flight of bombers with a single-engine aircraft lower the mainstream.

PofPauline33 E01 1912.jpg

Chapter 2 : The Typhoon of Terror

PofPauline33 E02 0212.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Chapter 1 : The Guns of Doom
The twin-engine bomber is just a single-engine one on this close-up showing the bombs dropping.

PofPauline33 E01 1915.jpg

Chapter 2 : The Typhoon of Terror
Later, unidentified biplanes ...

PofPauline33 E02 0430.jpg

Fairchild 71

Chapter 6 : Pursued by Savages
Reg. NC2K Fairchild 71 c/n 675 built in 1929.

PofPauline33 E06 0450.jpg
PofPauline33 E06 0500.jpg
PofPauline33 E06 0540.jpg
Close-up on the Pratt & Whitney Wasp powerplant.
PofPauline33 E06 0730 NC2K.jpg

Chapter 7 : Tracked by the Enemy

With an unwanted aircraft in the background (!)

Unidentified Aircraft

Chapter 6 : Pursued by Savages
Shortly after the Fairchild 71 takeoff, we can see it coming and going with this continuity error, since a biplane is sometimes seen during evolutions.

PofPauline33 E06 0610.jpg

Buhl CA-6 Airsedan

Chapter 7 : Tracked by the Enemy
Reg. NC8446 (cancelled on 17 September 1939) Buhl CA-6 c/n 52, the first of 15 CA-6 Airsedan, a 1929 Sesquiplane evolution of CA-5. NC8446 was the property of Paul Mantz and christened Honeymoon Express.

PofPauline33 E07 1150 NC8446.jpg

Chapter 8 : Dangerous Depths

PofPauline33 E08 0930.jpg

Dornier Do X

Reg. D-1929 Dornier Do-X of Deutsche Luft Hansa.
Same aircraft in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

Chapter 8 : Dangerous Depths
Most of these newsreel footages (melting first flights in Germany and the 1931 journey in the USA) are seen again on Chapter 9.

PofPauline33 E08 0624 D-1929.jpg
PofPauline33 E08 0714.jpg
PofPauline33 E08 0718.jpg
PofPauline33 E08 0900.jpg

Chapter 9 : The Mummy Walks
Reaching New York on 27 August 1931.
Chased by an unidentified high-wing aircraft.

PofPauline33 E09 0800.jpg

Ford Trimotor

Chapters 8 & 9, (presumed) boarding and unboarding the Dornier Do X.
The corrugated skin doesn't match with the smooth sheet metal of the Dornier Do X fuselage. Access was on the sponsons, under the wing not just aft it as here. (top left) We guess a "S" and most probably a "Y" before. So, a Northwest Airways Ford Trimotor (from which the company name written over the threshold has been erased) ?

PofPauline33 E08 0654.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Chapter 9 : The Mummy Walks
According the screenplay, this is aboard the Dornier Do X which has round windows ... and a luxury cabin (not this classic one).
Most probably inside the Ford Trimotor.

PofPauline33 E09 0700.jpg

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