The Rock (1996)

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The Rock movie poster.

Movie (1996)

Sean Connery (John Mason)
Nicolas Cage (Dr. Stanley Goodspeed)
Ed Harris (Brig. Gen. Francis X. Hummel)
John Spencer (FBI Director James Womack)
William Forsythe (Special Agent Ernest Paxton)
David Morse (Maj. Tom Baxter)
Michael Biehn (Cdr. Anderson)

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Bell UH-1B Iroquois

The rest of Hummel's Marines arrive at Alcatraz on these helicopters.

Rock Marine choppers1.jpg
Rock Marine choppers2.jpg
Used in the titles sequence as a flashback for Hummel.

Gulfstream III

"Neat plane."

Sikorsky CH-3C/E Sea King

This transports the Navy SEAL team to Alcatraz. This version of the SH-3 aircraft was never actually operated by the U.S. Navy

Rock SEAL chopper1.jpg
Rock SEAL chopper2.jpg

Bell AH-1 Cobra

These two escort the SEAL helicopter.

Rock Attack chopper1.jpg
Rock Attack chopper3.jpg

McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet

These are ordered by the President to drop thermite plasma on Alcatraz. Goodspeed manages to give the signal to stop the airstrike in the nick of time. CGI is used for the shots where the planes hit Alcatraz and fly under the Golden Gate bridge. The aircraft are depicted with fictional "Air Force" markings. In reality, the USAF does not operate the type.

Rock F181.jpg
Rock F182.jpg
Rock F184.jpg
Rock F185.jpg
Rock F183.jpg

Northrop T-38 Talon

Rock plane1.jpg
Rock plane2.jpg
A grey one behind the F/A-18.

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