They Raid by Night

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They Raid by Night movie poster.

Movie (1942)
Also known as: The Commandos Have Landed

Lyle Talbot (Captain Robert Owen)
June Duprez (Inga Beckering)
Victor Varconi (Oberst [Colonel] Otto von Ritter)
George N. Neise (Lieutenant Erik Falken)

Mission of a British Commandos into Norway.

Handley Page H.P.54 Harrow

TheyRaidByNight 01342.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

TheyRaidByNight 01350.jpg

Douglas DC-2

TheyRaidByNight DC-2 01932.jpg

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

TheyRaidByNight C-47.jpg
TheyRaidByNight C47.jpg

Stinson Model A

TheyRaidByNight drop.jpg

Mitsubishi Ki-1-II Army Type 93-2

We're lost in conjecture about the place of a Japanese plane in a battle between commandos and British troops against soldiers of Hitler's forces!
Very poor copy which does not help to identify details common with the other movie.
Same aircraft in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).

TheyRaidByNight Mit Ki-1-II.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

TheyRaidByNight 04850.jpg
TheyRaidByNight trio.jpg
TheyRaidByNight bombs.jpg

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