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Torpedonostsy movie poster.

Movie (1983)
Russian title : Торпедоносцы
French title : Les torpilleurs or Bombardiers-torpilleurs
English title : Torpedo Bombers

Alexander Sirin (Major Plotnikov)
Yury Kuznetsov (Lieutenant Colonel Fomenko)
Yury Duvanov (Veselago)
Vsevolod Shilovsky (Chief Petty Officer Artyukhov)

(Synopsis needed)

Ilyushin Il-4

Built from a deeply transformed Lisunov Li-2 !

Torp 531011.jpg
Torp 53139.jpg
Torp 531512.jpg
Torp 53542.jpg
Torp 5358.jpg

Archive footage :

Torp 53198.jpg

Replica :

Torp 53531.jpg
Torp 5352.jpg
Torp 5357.jpg

Bristol Blenheim 149 Mk IV

Archive footage used to represent the Ilyushin Il-4 assault.

Torp 532210.jpg
Torp 5359.jpg

Bristol Blenheim 160 Mk V

Torp 53218.jpg

Beriev MBR-2bis

Torp 53363.jpg

Replica :

Torp 53248.jpg
Torp 531110.jpg

Sukhoi Su-2

Archive footage.

Torp 53267.jpg
Torp 53275.jpg

Messerschmitt Bf 109 F


Torp 53307.jpg
Torp 53313.jpg
Torp 53324.jpg

Beriev Be-12

Acting as a Luftwaffe seaplane despite no German aircraft had a similar shape (not to mention that this Soviet plane only flew in 1960 !).

Torp 53334.jpg
Torp 53345.jpg
Torp 53358.jpg

Polikarpov I-15bis

Torp 53386.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3

Torp 53511.jpg

Junkers Ju 88C

Like the Blenheims, used to represent the Ilyushin's attack on the Kriegsmarine vessel !

Torp 5360.jpg

Beriev MBR-2bis

Archive footage.

Torp 5361.jpg
Torp 5362.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-9

Archive footage.

Torp 5363.jpg

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