Un homme à la hauteur

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Un homme à la hauteur DVD cover.

Movie (2016)
German title: Mein ziemlich kleiner Freund
English title: Up For Love

Jean Dujardin (Alexandre)
Virginie Efira (Diane)
Cédric Kahn (Bruno)
Stéphanie Papanian (Coralie)

(Synopsis needed)

Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo Porter

Reg. F-GVTF Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 c/n 915.

1HalaH 00001.jpg
1HalaH 00002.jpg

Cessna U206G

Reg. F-HGAZ Cessna U206G c/n U206-05584.

1HalaH 00013.jpg
1HalaH 00015.jpg

Various Aircraft

Aix-les-Milles airfield (QXB/LFMA). Aircraft #4 is probably a Pilatus PC-12.

1HalaH 00004N.jpg
1HalaH 00003N.jpg

The green circle spots a two blade helicopter, probably an old Bell model airframe or perhaps a Robinson. Skydiver are in the Purple circle.

1HalaH 00005.jpg

Beechcraft Musketeer or Piper PA-28 Cherokee.

1HalaH 00006.jpg

(right) Mudry CAP 10 with its red spinner and a Beechcraft Musketeer or Piper PA-28 Cherokee (right).

1HalaH 00007.jpg

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