Un pilota ritorna

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Un pilota ritorna movie poster.

Movie (1942)
Also known as : A Pilot Returns
French title : Un pilote revient

Massimo Girotti (Tenente (F/O) Gino Rossati)
Michela Belmonte (Anna)
Piero Lulli (De Santis)
Gaetano Masier (Tenente (F/O) Trisotti)

During a mission over Greece, the crew of a CANT Z1007 is shot down. Prisoner of the british troops, the pilot is obsessed by his escape plan. But he falls in love with the doctor's daughter.

CANT Z.1007 bis

Some time ago, the website had a forum with a section dedicated to additional pictures (the rule of IMPDB is only five pictures by aircraft). The forum had vanished but this movie is really full of footage about the CANT Z.1007 bis.

UnPilotaRitorna Z1007-a.jpg
UnPilotaRitorna Z1007-b.jpg
UnPilotaRitorna Z1007-f.jpg

Firing on the attacking Hurricane.

UnPilotaRitorna Z1007-gun2.jpg
UnPilotaRitorna Z1007-TO.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.82

UnPilotaRitorna SM-82.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.81

At right.

UnPilotaRitorna SM-81.jpg

Hawker Hurricane I

A former Yugoslavian fighter captured in April 1941 and acting as a british aircraft.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).

UnPilotaRitorna Huri-1.jpg
UnPilotaRitorna Huri-2.jpg
UnPilotaRitorna Huri-3.jpg
UnPilotaRitorna Huri-stolen.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 B Stuka

UnPilotaRitorna Ju-87.jpg

Bristol 149 Blenheim Mk.IV

UnPilotaRitorna Blenheim.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.79

UnPilotaRitorna SMbache.jpg
UnPilotaRitorna SMbache2.jpg

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