Un singe en hiver

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Un singe en hiver movie poster.

Movie (1962)
Also known as :
Ein Affe im Winter (german title)
It's Hot in Hell (british title)
A Monkey in Winter (title in the U.S.A.)

Jean Gabin (Albert Quentin)
Jean-Paul Belmondo (Gabriel Fouquet)
Suzanne Flon (Suzanne Quentin)
Noël Roquevert (« Landru »)

During WW2, Albert is drunk... just one more time. But today, an air bombing occurs and once at home, Albert promises to never be drunk again. Nearly twenty years later, Albert is still abstinent when he crosses the way of Gabriel Fouquet.

Douglas DB-7 Boston III

USEH Douglas-Boston III.jpg

Probably the shadow of the same type of aircraft.

USEH twin.jpg

Focke-Wulfe Fw 190 A

USEH Fw-190.jpg
USEH Fw-190jump.jpg

Hawker Hurricane

USEH Hawker-Hurricane.jpg

Dornier Do 17

USEH Do-17.jpg

North American B-25 Mitchell

USEH B-25.jpg

Handley Page H.P.61 Halifax B.III

USEH HP-Halifax B mkIII.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

USEH Ju-87.jpg
USEH Ju-87break.jpg

Junkers Ju 88

USEH Ju-88.jpg

Rolls-Royce Merlin XX Engine

Merlin XX of an Avro Lancaster B I or a Bristol Beaufighter Mk II, for example.

USEH merlin.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

USEH Fighters-1.jpg
USEH Fighters-2.jpg
USEH ukn.jpg
USEH ukn2.jpg

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