V šest ráno na letišti

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Russian language poster of the film.

Movie (1957)
Czech title: V šest ráno na letišti
Russian title: Удивительное воскресенье
English title: At 6 AM at the airport (Czech title) or Amazing Sunday (Russian title)

Tomáš Sedláček (Pepíček)
Vladimir Siluyanov (Misha)
Miroslav Homola ("saboteur"/illusionist)
Mark Bernes (Tu-104 captain)

A little Czech schoolboy Pepíček hides inside Soviet Tu-104 and, not being noticed by anyone, flies to Moscow, where 6th World Festival of Youth and Students is taking place.

Boeing B-17 & De Havilland DH106 Comet & Unidentified Aircraft

A model hanging above Pepíček’s bed сlosely resembles Boeing B-17 bomber. The poster on the wall (right), although blurry, most likely shows one of de Havilland Comet versions. There are some other planes on the pictures, but they cannot be reliably identified due to picture quality.


Douglas DC-4

Swissair’s HB-ILI (s/n 43097) at Prague airport.

DC-4 of Swissair

Could as well be the same plane.

DC-4 of Swissair

Ilyushin Il-12

Il-12 of ČSA Czechoslovak Airlines in Vnukovo International Airport, with some other Il-12 behind.

Il-12 of ČSA

Tail of Il-12 in the left side. Multiple Il-12 and Il-14 seen in the background.

Il-12 (left) and Tu-104 (right)

Ilyushin Il-14

Il-14 on the final approach.


Il-14 of ČSA parked near Prague airport terminal.

Il-14 of ČSA

Il-14 flies by the window.


Many Il-14 of ČSA behind Tu-104.


Lisunov Li-2

ČSA’s Li-2P registered OK-GAC (s/n 23442305) in the background, Prague airport. Another Li-2 seen behind.

Li-2P of ČSA

Li-2P of Aeroflot taxiing in the background in Vnukovo.

Li-2P of Aeroflot (back)

Tupolev Tu-104

In this movie, Tu-104 can be considered one of the main characters. Many views of Tu-104 are featured, showing taxiing, take-off, landing and flight. All Tu-104’s belonged to Vnukovo Squad at the time of filming.

Tu-104 of Aeroflot
Tu-104 of Aeroflot
Tu-104 of Aeroflot

Some interiors are also shown.

Passenger cabin of Tu-104

Although meant to pose as one plane, multiple Tu-104’s were filmed in different scenes. Among them, Tu-104A СССР-Л5437 (s/n 7350203), built in 1957, scrapped in 1978.

Tu-104A СССР-Л5437 of Aeroflot
Tu-104A СССР-Л5437 of Aeroflot

Tu-104A СССР-Л5439 (s/n 7350205), built 1957, scrapped 1978.

Tu-104A СССР-Л5439 of Aeroflot

Tu-104A СССР-Л5440 (s/n 7350301), built 1957, scrapped around 1981.

Tu-104A СССР-Л5440 of Aeroflot
Tu-104A СССР-Л5440 of Aeroflot

All altitude scenes feature Tu-104 СССР-Л5413 (s/n 6350002), built in 1956. This particular Tu-104 was transfered to Gromov Flight Research Institute in 1973, where it was used for structural tests. Stored in Zaporizhzha in 1977, scrapped in 1998.

Tu-104A СССР-Л5413 flying

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