Vendetta dal futuro

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Vendetta dal futuro poster.

Movie (1986)
English title: Hands of Steel

Daniel Greene (Paco Queruak)
Janet Argen (Linda)
Claudio Cassinelli (Peter Howell)
George Eastman (Raul Morales)
Roberto Bisacco (Cooper)
Andrea Coppola (Eddie)

Cyborg Paco is sent to assassinate a scientist. However, with the help of a human woman, Linda, he instead rebels against his creators.

Hughes 369D

Used by some of Howell's men in an attempt to kill Paco from the air. They fail when Paco wounds the gunman, forcing them to retreat. Registration N8652F, Serial 18-0255D.

Reg. N8652F Hughes 368D.

Bell 206B JetRanger III

Used as a personal transport by Turner. Registration N38942, Serial 3189.

Reg. N38942 Bell 206B JetRanger III.

Agusta A109A Hirundo

In a continuity error, Turner's JetRanger turns into an A109A with a similar color scheme and Italian registration in closeup shots. Registration I-CBLT, Serial 7175.

Reg. I-CBLT Agusta A109A Hirundo of Elitrans.

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