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Vozvrashchenie title screen.

TV Movie (2013)
Russian title : Возвращение

Elena Kuprashevich
Aleksey Nilov
Kirill Safonov

(Synopsis needed)

Antonov An-26

Vozvrashchenie13 An-26.jpg

Antonov An-26 03 Red.

Vozvrashchenie13 An-26-03red.jpg

Antonov An-12BK

Registration 12 Red, c/n 8345606.

Reg.12 Antonov An-12BK of the Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily Rossii.

Mil Mi-17

Vozvrashchenie13 Mil.jpg

Ilyushin Il-22M

A quite rare Ilyushin Il-22M (probably no more 6 built), the command post variant known as Coot-B for NATO.

Vozvrashchenie13 Il-22M.jpg

Tupolev Tu-154

Tupolev Tu-154 wearing colors of Pulkovo Airlines (which ceased operations in 2006) but with the airline name of Rossiya — Russian Airlines as seen just after the merging of the two companies.

Vozvrashchenie13 Tu-154.jpg

Ilyushin Il-86

At Pulkovo Airport (LED/ULLI).

Ilyushin Il-86 of Pulkovo Airlines.

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