Wall Street

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Wall Street movie poster.

Movie (1987)

Michael Douglas (Gordon Gekko)
Charlie Sheen (Bud Fox)
Martin Sheen (Carl Fox)
Daryl Hannah (Darien Taylor)
Terence Stamp (Sir Larry Wildman)
Hal Holbrook (Lou Mannheim)

Bud is a hungry stock broker wanting to make the big score. When he finally gets through Gordon Gekko's door, Bud soon realizes that he's not looking for someone who will play by the rules and Bud is forced to make a life changing decision.

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Boeing 727-251

Boeing 727-251 of Northwest Orient Airlines.

Douglas DC-8-73F

Indeed, retrofit of stretched version 61 or 63 for normative and economic purpose, with replacement of the four Pratt & Whitney J3TD by General Electric/Snecma more modern CFM-56. Renamed version 71 or 73, available for DC-8 customers since 1982.

Wall Street airliner2.jpg

Lockheed L-1329-25 JetStar II

Bud follows Sir Larry Wildman to the airport where he boards this private jet. Registration N60JM, c/n 5213.

Wall Street Wildman jet1.jpg
Wall Street Wildman jet2.jpg

Gulfstream III

Wall Street private jet1.jpg

Cessna Citation II

Wall Street private jet2.jpg

IAI 1124 Westwind & Dassault Falcon 20F

Registration N457F, c/n 449 Dassault Falcon 20F.

Also two Boeing 727s behind the corporate jets and perhaps an orange Boeing 737.

BAC 111-204AF One Eleven & McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32

Bud's father works as a mechanic and trade union leader for Bluestar, a fictional small airline. Bud uses his inside knowledge to get his foot in the door with Gekko and they take over the company together. In this scene Bud goes to meet his father who is working on the engine of the plane in the background. Registration N4550T, c/n BAC.135 built in 1968.
Additionally, the aircraft closest to the camera in this first screenshot seems to have the registration N901AX. If this is accurate, it is a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 built in 1969 with c/n 47381.

Reg. N901AX McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 (left) and reg. N4550T BAC 111-204AF One Eleven (right).
Reg. N4550T BAC 111-204AF One Eleven.

Gekko's Private Jet

Appears in one scene, we only see the interior. It looks pretty large for a private jet, but then Gekko is filthy rich. Most likely a set rather than a real aircraft.

Wall Street Gekko jet.jpg

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