Water Rats

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Water Rats title card.

TV Series (1996-2001)

Colin Friels (Det Snr Constable Frank Holloway)
Catherine McClements (Det Snr Constable Rachel Goldstein)
Steve Bisley (Det Snr Con/Sgt Jack Christey)
Aaron Pedersen (Det Snr Constable Michael Reilly)

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Season Two

Boeing 747-422

Ep. 2.02
Tail fin of Qantas Boeing 747 behind her.

Boeing 747-438 of United Airlines.

Season Three

Boeing 747-438

Ep. 3.13
Four Boeing 747-438 of Qantas wore the Wunala Dreaming paint scheme from 1994 (at least) today.

Boeing 747-438 of Qantas.

Season Four

Boeing 737-476

Ep. 4.02

Boeing 737-476 of Qantas.

Boeing 737-376

Ep. 4.29

Boeing 737-376 of Qantas.

Season Six

Cessna 182G Skylane

Ep. 6.07

Cessna 182G Skylane.

Beechcraft 1900D

Ep. 6.07
This aircraft wore a livery to promote the Newcastle Knights Rugby League Football Club during the 1999-2002 period. Several aircrafts of Impulse Airlines were painted like this.

Beechcraft 1900D of Impulse Airlines.

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