Wings in the Dark

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Wings in the Dark movie poster.

Movie (1935)
French title : Les Ailes dans l'ombre

Myrna Loy (Sheila Mason)
Cary Grant (Ken Gordon)
Roscoe Karns (Nick Williams)
Hobart Cavanaugh (Mac)

(Synopsis needed)

Unidentified Aircraft

WitD 00001.jpg

Travel Air C-4000

Reg. NC436N Travel Air C-4000 c/n 1350.

WitD 00004.jpg
WitD 00005.jpg

With a Stearman C2B moving in the background (no dedicated screenshot).

WitD 00010a.jpg
WitD 00015 NC436N.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Through the wire of the Travel Air, we see what seems to be a Stinson Reliant and an unidentified tail.

WitD 00007.jpg

Yellow (?) and black plane in the upper right in front of the Travel Air.

WitD 00013.jpg

Lockheed 8A Sirius

Reg. NC117W Lockheed Sirius 8A c/ 151. Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

WitD 00012.jpg
WitD 00016.jpg
WitD 00028.jpg

Travel Air B-4000

Reg. NC688K Travel Air B-4000 c/n 1323

WitD 00023 NC688K.jpg

Douglas DC-2

WitD 00031.jpg

Lockheed Vega 5B

Reg. NC48M Lockheed 5B Vega c/n 100. Later was upgraded to 5C standard and registered as XA-BHK.

WitD 00032 NC48M.jpg
WitD 00034.jpg

Various Model

Throughout the movie, many models are dispatched. We can see too some picture on the wall or aircraft blurred in the background.

WitD 00008.jpg
WitD 00009.jpg
WitD 00019.jpg

This biplane hanged at the ceiling, with its upper gull wing, has the layout of the Curtiss XP-10 (with some difference).

WitD 00021.jpg
WitD 00026.jpg
WitD 00027.jpg

"Wind tunnel" model used by Ken to test an autopilot system.

WitD 00030.jpg

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