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Wo he wo de zuguo movie poster.

Movie (2019)
Chinese title : 我和我的祖国
English title : My People, My Country

Chapter Six
劉昊然 / Liu Haoran (Wardell, the younger wanderer)
陳飛宇 / Chen Feiyu (Hazab, a young wanderer)
田壯壯 / Tian Zhuangzhuang (Uncle Li, Director of Retired Poverty Alleviation Office)
Chapter Seven
宋佳 / Song Jia (Lu Xiaoran, Air Force Pilot)
佟麗婭 / Tong Lia (Yidan, female air force pilot, Lu Xiaoran's teammate)

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Chapter Six : 白昼流星 (The Guiding Star)

Mil Mi-8

WoHeWoDeZuguo 20735.jpg
WoHeWoDeZuguo 20801.jpg
WoHeWoDeZuguo 20905.jpg

神舟十一号 / Shenzhou 11

WoHeWoDeZuguo 20825.jpg
WoHeWoDeZuguo 20835.jpg

Chapter Seven : 护航 (One for All)

神舟五号 / Shenzhou 5

15 Oct 2003 (GMT) : 杨利伟 (Yang Liwei) is back Earth after the first Chinese crewed spaceflight.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 21810.jpg

Chengdu J-10A

WoHeWoDeZuguo 21500.jpg
WoHeWoDeZuguo 21608.jpg
WoHeWoDeZuguo 21910.jpg
WoHeWoDeZuguo 22520.jpg
WoHeWoDeZuguo 22551.jpg

Chengdu J-10S

WoHeWoDeZuguo 21745.jpg

Takeoff with J-10A and J-10S together.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 21752.jpg

Xian MA60

The engine seems more likely a Pratt & Whitney Canada rather the Dongan WJ-5 of a Xian Y-7. Both are Chinese design based on the Soviet-designed Antonov An-24 series.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 22555.jpg

Shaanxi KJ-2000

Leading eight Chengdu J-10A during the flypast for 70th anniversary of V-Day ending the Second Sino-Japanese War (3 September 2015).

Alongside Beijing central business district (with the CCTV Headquarters on the far right), right over the Imperial City.
WoHeWoDeZuguo 22710.jpg

Shenyang J-11

Flypast to mark the 90th birthday of the People's Liberation Army (1st of August 1927) is held in the Zhurihe military training base in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on July 30, 2017.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 22810.jpg

Xian H-6M

Seen the during the flypast on 30 July 2017, three Xian H-6Ms coded 55031 and 55032 and 55033 red. Note the Chinese KD-63 (official designation K/AKD63) Air-Launched Land Attack Cruise Missile (LACM) on outside pylons.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 22812.jpg

Xi'an Y-20 & Shaanxi Y-9

Two Shaanxi Y-9s seen chasing a Xi'an Y-20 the during the flypast on 30 July 2017.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 22815.jpg

Long March 7

Bad ratio image doesn't help to clearly identify the Long March model seen on this launch footage.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 22912.jpg


Chengdu J-10S

PLAAF (People's Liberation Army Air Force) Chengdu J-10S of the August 1st aerobatics team.
(left) In front of the jet is Yu Xu (Chinese: 余旭) one of the first five Chinese female jet fighter pilot certified on the J-10 (2012) who served as a flight squadron leader in the aerobatic team. She died at 30 during an aerobatic training session on November 12, 2016 after being struck by another plane as she ejected from the J-10. She got her wings on September 2009 among the first sixteen female graduating from jet course of the flight academy.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 23003.jpg

Comac C919

Narrow-body airliner programm launched on 2008 and resulting to a prototype's maiden flight on 5 May 2017. At the movie's release date, only four prototypes had made their first flight. Most probably we see one of the first three airframes (wearing registration B-001A or B-001B or B-001C).

WoHeWoDeZuguo 23223.jpg

Shenyang J-15

Launched from the aircraft carrier Liaoning CV 16.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 23226.jpg

Antonov An-2

Antonov An-2 (or more likely one Y-5, its Chinese licensed-built or variant) used for crop-spraying.

WoHeWoDeZuguo 23238.jpg

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