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Heat theatrical poster.

Movie (1995)
Québec title : Tension

Al Pacino (Lt. Vincent Hanna)
Robert De Niro (Neil McCauley)
Val Kilmer (Chris Shiherlis)
Tom Sizemore (Michael Cheritto)

Neil McCauley is a hardened professional criminal who has spent many years behind bars and is determined never to go back. A highly focused loner, McCauley's protection is that there's nothing in his life that he can't walk away from in 30 seconds flat. Vincent Hanna is a lieutenant of detectives in LAPD's Robbery/Homicide Division who searches through the remains of a crime for the scent of his prey and then hunts them down. Those are the elevated experiences of his life--the rest is disorder. When McCauley and his team rob an armored van of bearer bonds, Hanna takes over the case. McCauley and his crew are nearly impossible to identify, let alone track down. But Hanna's network of informants and the details of each man's life--failures and dreams, betrayals and vendettas--generate clues Hanna is able to discover. Soon, Hanna and his detectives and McCauley and his crime partners are driven towards a collision from which only some will survive.

Aérospatiale AS350 AStar

This news helicopter is shown grounded by the LAPD after the armored car robbery as it captured part of the heist on tape.


Aérospatiale AS355F2 Ecureuil 2

Registration N255BB, c/n 5413 built in 1989. Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.
Lt. Vincent Hanna employs what is presumably the same LAPD helicopter twice in pursuit of Neil McCauley.

Lt. Hanna is dropped off at the hotel near the airport.

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

This airplane is shown in the background when Lt. Hanna chases Neil McCauley into the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 of Delta Air Lines.

Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar 50

Registration N191AT, c/n 193C-1084 built in 1974.

Reg. N191AT Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar 50 of ATA-American Trans Air.
Reg. N191AT Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar 50 of ATA-American Trans Air.

Boeing 737

Wearing an AirCal livery, which had merged into American Airlines by this point.

Boeing 737 of American Airlines in AirCal livery.
Boeing 737 of American Airlines in AirCal livery.

McDonnell Douglas DC-10

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 of Continental Airlines.
McDonnell Douglas DC-10.

Boeing 727

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Unidentified Aircraft

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