First Man

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First Man movie poster.

Movie (2018)
French title : First Man : le premier homme sur la Lune

Ryan Gosling (Neil Armstrong)
Claire Foy (Janet Shearon, his wife)
Corey Stoll (Buzz Aldrin)
Kyle Chandler (Deke Slayton)

(Synopsis needed)

Boeing NB-52 Stratofortress

(top right) One of the Boeing NB-52 used as mother ship.

FirstMan B-52.jpg
FirstMan B-52pix.jpg

North American X-15A-3

Backwards camera during the climb towards the space frontier.

FirstMan X-15.jpg

End of 20 December 1961 flight.
North American X-15A-3 s/n 56-6672.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).
Note : the altitude was 81,000 feet not more 138,000 as seen at 3mn30. Armstrong never exceeded 133,500 (maximum reach on 17 January 1962).

FirstMan X-15-66672.jpg

A desk model seen in the background when Niel is studying the Delta Wing, the day following his flight which ballooned back up on high atmosphere.

FirstMan X-15dm.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

On the desk, a magazine is open and is displaying British Deltas (maybe Handley Page HP.115).
NOTA : the next view, there is a close view with a press digest with the X-15 in title of a paper about NASA's selection of astronauts for the Gemini program.

FirstMan mag.jpg

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse

Seen in the distance on the left, hidden by the dust cloud.

FirstMan H-21.jpg

Martin Titan II GLV (Gemini Launch Vehicle)

FirstMan Gemini.jpg

Lockheed McDonnell Agena Target Vehicle

FirstMan Agena.jpg

Bell Lunar Landing Training Vehicle

Seen too in When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions.
On May 6, 1968, Armstrong ejected safely from the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle #1 but set is closest to a Lunar Landing Training Vehicle.

FirstMan LLRV.jpg
FirstMan LMV.jpg

Saturn V Apollo

Apollo X then Apollo XI.

FirstMan Apollo.jpg
FirstMan ApolloXI.jpg

North American Apollo Command/Service Module

FirstMan Apollo-Command.jpg

Grumman Lunar Module LM-5

FirstMan Apollo-LM.jpg

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