Kainan 1890

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English poster for Kainan 1890.

Movie (2015)
Japanese title: 海難1890
Turkish Title: Ertuğrul 1890
English Title: 125 Years Memory

Seiyô Uchino (Motosada Tamura)
Kenan Ece (Mustafa)
Shioli Kutsuna (Haru)
Alican Yücesoy (Bekir)

Two historical incidents that deepened the friendship between Japan and Turkey are connected: The sinking of the Turkish frigate Ertugrul off the Japanese coast in 1890 and the evacuation of Japanese nationals from Iran in 1985.

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10

Reg. TC-JAU (c/n 46705/33) 'Istanbul' of Turkish Airlines. Used to fly out the Japanese expats from Tehran to safety.

Kainan 1890 DC-10.jpg

Dassault Falcon 2000

Seen in the hangar together with the aforementioned TC-JAU.

Kainan 1890 Aircraft.jpg

Boeing 737-8F2

Reg. TC-JGT (c/n 34417/2009) of Turkish Airlines with its livery digitally altered to stand in for fellow Star Alliance member Lufthansa.

Kainan 1890 LH-1.jpg
TC-JGT of Turkish Airlines, with another 737 of Austrian Airlines in front; which is likely another THY aircraft with digitally altered liveries

Boeing 737

Other B737s, wearing liveries of various airliners but are likely also from Turkish Airlines, are seen in the Tehran Mehrabad Airport scenes.

Boeing 737 supposedly of Air France taking off

Boeing 737-86J

Boeing 737 supposedly of Aeroflot taxiing, which makes no sense when you consider that Aeroflot back then never operated American aircraft. Code SBG on the wheel well makes this registration TC-SBG, c/n 28071/133 of AnadoluJet.

Kainan 1890 SU.jpg

"Mehrabad International Airport"

Despite the signage, this was likely filmed somewhere in Istanbul.

Kainan 1890 THR.jpg

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