Live and Let Die

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Live and Let Die DVD cover.

Movie (1973)

Roger Moore (James Bond)
Yaphet Kotto (Dr. Kananga)
Bernard Lee (M)
Jane Seymour (Solitair)
David Hedison (Felix Leiter)

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Also from this series:
James Bond films

Boeing 747-121

This Pan Am 747 takes Bond from London to New York.

Cessna 140

Bond uses this plane - it belongs to a pilot school, even with the student in it - to escape from Dr. Kananga´s men. Although he never takes off, he is able to escape, but he rips off the wings.
Registration N77029, c/n 12361.

LALDCessna 140.jpg
After Bond takes a ride.

IAI 1121N Westwind

Registration 4X-CJC, c/n 152. Mr. Big intends to drop Bond out of this plane.

LALD4X-CJC 2.jpg

Piper PA-22-108 Tri-Pacer

Registration N5305Z, c/n 22-9008.


Luscombe 8

Aircraft looks more like a model, however the Lucscombe 8 bears the closest resemblance.


Aeronca 7DC

Registration N4651E, c/n 7DC-166.


Mooney M20F

Registration N9519M, c/n 670096.


Douglas DC-3

Registration N340EL, s/n 4110.


Piper PA-23 Aztec, Mooney M20 & Various Aircraft

The Piper PA-23 is the twin engined in the center. Around it are the previous aircraft seen on this page with a Mooney M20 at right. The aircraft on floats is probably a Cessna F172M.


Bell 206 JetRanger

Kananga´s men use this helicopter to chase Bond and Solitaire on the fictional island "San Monique". They fire a machine gun at Bond, but he escapes.

LALDBell 206 JetRanger.jpg

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