One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

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One of Our Aircraft Is Missing movie poster.

Movie (1942)
French title : Un de nos avions n'est pas rentré

Hugh Burden (John Glyn Haggard)
Eric Portman (Tom Earnshaw)
Hugh Williams (Frank Shelley)
Emrys Jones (Bob Ashley)

B for Bertie is missing. In fact, she crashed on an electricity pole. But her crew member has jumped over Holland and landed safely. The Underground help them at the highest price : thier life.

Vickers 416 Wellington Mk.IC

OoOAiM 00001.jpg

B for Bertie.

OoOAiM 00008.jpg
OoOAiM 00002.jpg
OoOAiM 00007.jpg
OoOAiM 00009.jpg
OoOAiM 00010.jpg

We can see too Q for Queenie, T for Tommy, all from No. 115 Squadron RAF (code KO).

Short S.29 Stirling Mk.I

No.7 Bomber Squadron (code MG).

OoOAiM 00011.jpg
OoOAiM 00012.jpg

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