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Kar-Air (1956-1970) logo .
Kar-Air (1990-1996) logo .

Karair was an airline from Finland. Initially having offered scheduled passenger flights, the company became a subsidiary of Finnair, mainly operating on holiday charter routes. Originally called Karhumäki Airways, the company was founded in 1947 as a subsidiary of Veljekset Karhumäki Oy, an aircraft manufacturing and maintenance company. In June 1951 scheduled services began between Helsinki and Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Vaasa and Sundsvall.The first international flight to Stockholm took place in 1951, which was followed by holiday flights to Málaga. In 1956 the airline was reorganised as Kar-Air OY and started operations in January 1957. A Swedish subsidiary was established, which from 1961 onwards operated a single Douglas DC-6 on chartered flights to Southern Europe. The Douglas DC-6 has been the backbone of the Kar-Air passenger fleet until 1972, when the jet age was joined with the introduction of the Douglas DC-8. In the 1970s, the airline underwent another rebranding, being known as Karair. In 1986, two Airbus A300 wide-body airliners joined the Karair fleet leased from Finnair and deployed on holiday charter flights. In 1989, six ATR 72 short-haul turboprop aircraft were added to the fleet, and the A300s in turn left the following year. From then, scheduled domestic passenger flights on behalf of Finnair were operated. In 1995 Finnair announced a full take-over of Karair. Subsequently, the fleet and the airline's operations were merged into Finnair.

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