The Iron Maiden

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The Iron Maiden movie poster.

Movie (1962)
U.S.A. title: Swinging Maiden

Michael Craig (Jack Hopkins)
Anne Helm (Kathy Fisher)
Jeff Donnell (Miriam Fisher)
Alan Hale Jr. (Paul Fisher)

An American airline firm plans to buy a new British passenger plane, but the deal hits trouble when the plane's designer, Jack Hopkins (Michael Craig), and Kathy Fisher (Anne Helm), the daughter of the Airline owner, take an instant dislike to each other, after crashing into each other in a quiet country lane. With each blaming the other for the accident, the arrangement looks in trouble, unless nature takes a hand.

Handley Page Victor B.1

The Handley Page Victor is acting of a prototype of new supersonic jetliner.

TheIronMaiden62 01.jpg
TheIronMaiden62 00830.jpg
TheIronMaiden62 02533.jpg

The cockpit is just a set but nothing real.

TheIronMaiden62 00832.jpg

Handley Page Halifax

TheIronMaiden62 00940.jpg

Fictional Aircraft

TheIronMaiden62 00950.jpg
TheIronMaiden62 01050.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft


TheIronMaiden62 01100.jpg

Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 202

Handley Page Dart Herald on the assembly line ...

TheIronMaiden62 02105.jpg

... then of Maritime Central Airways, a Canadian airline which ordered some airframes, but who went out of business before delivery. TC code on the front gear wells not yet identified on production list.

TheIronMaiden62 02150.jpg

Hawker Siddeley HS.780 Andover


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