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Man with a Camera DVD cover.

TV Series (1958-1960)
German title : Der Mann mit der Kamera
Finnish title : Kameramies

Charles Bronson (Mike Kovac)
James Flavin (Lieutenant Donovan)
Ludwig Stössel (Anton Kovac)

(Synopsis needed)

Season One

Boeing EB-50D Superfortress

Ep. 07 : Another Barrier

ManWithaCamera S1E07 542.jpg
The Boeing kit is a common armed B-50, not the EB-50D mothership.

Numerous inside views including this forward cabin rear pressure bulkhead (station 834).

ManWithaCamera S1E07 1054.jpg

Bell X-2

Ep. 07 : Another Barrier
Two airframes built, the second one s/n 46-675 was destroyed 12 May 1953 after only three glide flights.
s/n 46-674: seven glide flights, 10 powered flights, crashed 27 September 1956.

ManWithaCamera S1E07 6674.jpg
ManWithaCamera S1E07 6674B.jpg
ManWithaCamera S1E07 1062.jpg
ManWithaCamera S1E07 1064.jpg
ManWithaCamera S1E07 1073.jpg

Lockheed F-94A Starfire

Ep. 07 : Another Barrier
Underwingtip tank is typical of the Lockheed F-94A Starfire (or the single-seat Lockheed P-80C) not of the Lockheed T-33.

ManWithaCamera S1E07 84.jpg

North American TF-86F Sabre

Ep. 07 : Another Barrier
Chase plane of the Bell X-2.
Only two F-86F converted to two-seat training configuration with lengthened fuselage : FU-016 (s/n 52-5016, crashed on 17 March 1954) and FU-228 (s/n 53-1228).

ManWithaCamera S1E07 F-86.jpg
ManWithaCamera S1E07 TF-86.jpg

Douglas C-118 Liftmaster (model)

Ep. 07 : Another Barrier

Bottom, under the Bell X-2 and the Boeing B-50.

Lockheed T-33A-1-LO Shooting Star

Ep. 07 : Another Barrier
Maybe Lockheed T-33A-1-LO s/n 51-6954 or 52-9954. Seems converted to RT-33 (note the window under the U of U.S. AIR FORCE). No detail about these two airframes to be sure.
Note the tank position, not under the wingtip.

ManWithaCamera S1E07 TR-954.jpg

Lockheed L-749A Constellation

A Lockheed L-749A Constellation of TWA-Trans World Airlines (model).
Ep. 08 : Blind Spot

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S1E08-546.jpg

Ep. 11 : Lady on the Loose

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S1E11-544.jpg

Avro 685 York Mk 1

Ep. 08 : Blind Spot
Continuity error as the flight ends with this British South American Airways Avro York.
Note the control tower with the panel "Altitude 101m". Which is this airport probably of the West Indies, Mexico or the western coast of South America (the main area where BSAA operated) ?

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S1E08-400.jpg

Douglas DC-6

Ep. 09 : Two Strings of Pearls
Douglas DC-6 (or DC-7 ?) of Braniff International Airways.

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S1E09-543.jpg

Another one with the fictitious colors of United States Overseas.

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S1E09-597 USOverseas.jpg

Martin 2-0-2

Ep. 11 : Lady on the Loose

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S1E11-598.jpg

Season Two

Beechcraft 35 Bonanza

Ep. 01 : The Killer

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S2E01-399.jpg

Douglas DC-6

Ep. 01 : The Killer
Douglas DC-6 of American Airlines.

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S2E01-545.jpg
ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S2E01-589.jpg

Douglas DC-3

Ep. 06 : Missing

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S2E06 548.jpg

Boeing 707-120

Ep. 14 : Kangaroo Court

ManWithaCamera 1958-60 S2E14 547.jpg

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